Numerology makes dating and relationships easy. 

All numbers are in information, each number tells you all about the person. This method is thousands of years old and you will not find it on the internet. Brit has mastered the method and is extremely intuitive and insightful. She will support you and give you great insight. 

Finding love with Numerology is accurate, quick, and insightful. You can learn so much about what moves a person and what motivates them. Why are you attracted to the same numbers?  Also, any number can work with any number, but some are much easier for you. Some numbers are more marriage minded, or long term minded as well. 

Brittany Johnson is a Numerology dating expert. She has compared thousands of charts. She will tell you about the person, and help you understand how they operate.  She is an uplifting spirit with a great deal of inspiration. Brit will help you find the best attributes with the person you are with through couples charts, which are a great way to connect and communicate.  She also  founded BritYOGA and a yoga school.  Brit has taught thousands of yoga classes. 

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