I am a retired clinician, and professional who has worked in numerous formats with children, adolescents, and adults for over 40 years. Trauma and dissociative disorders were a specialty. Ms. Brittany Johnson is an Energy Healer, and the only alternative practitioner to whom I will refer friends and colleagues. Her Healing work is as inexplicable as it is effective. Even in this age of epigenetics, and morphic resonance, her intuitive techniques, and life-changing results defy categorization . Her methodology may be sophisticated, but her common sense explanations make her work eminently approachable. Simply stated, her Healing is a wonder to behold.   Michael Timlin, Ph.D., M.F.T., L.C.P.C.

I first tried BritYOGA after a very tragic loss in my life.  Not having had any experience whatsoever, Brit introduced me not only to the mechanics of YOGA, but also to its therapeutic  and healing power.  It quickly became a necessary part of my own journey in emotion healing.  It would not have been nearly as effective and as comforting were it not for Brit’s kind, patient and very spiritual manner of conducting class.  At a very critical time, Brit provided a much needed vehicle in my life to move forward and face the future for which I will forever be grateful.     Rabbi Scott Shpeen  Congregation Beth Emeth

Brit, you are an incredible soul and thank you so much for devoting your time and energy with us. Our guests love you. ... it is so valued and you did so much good for the women who sat with you for a reading.  It was truly impressive and a joy to behold!!!!!! Thank you for being you. Marcella  Co Owner "Glitter Nails"  on Broadway Saratoga Springs NY

Brittany is amazing. Her energy is magnetic and her intuition is prophetic. She assists in helping you find and understand your own personal "true North" through her Numerology Readings. I had my numbers read by her and the insight I gathered is astounding. Everything all made sense--- my motivators, how I react in situations, how I handle personal relationships, (personal and professional), why I am successful and what I get tripped up with and why. It truly blew me away.  Get a reading from her. Listen, ask questions, and apply what you learn.  She gives you the compass, you find your way to your own North.   E. Hunter 

Brit, thank you so much for your participation "Fifty Plus Event"  Everyone enjoyed your insight, and positivity. c

Cole McQuire  Schenectady Gazette Creative Events Director 

 Hello! This article dives into the surface of the diva's abilities! I have had the pleasure to meet and work individually with Brittany Johnson and can attest to her generous and thoughtful and compassionate care in sessions. Her numerology reading has me blown wide open and has assisted me to be more aware and conscientious on my life path and direction. She has affirmed what I have felt and been mystified by since my questioning nature was re-enlivened by particular life circumstances. I look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to viewers of this feed. She is the real deal as a fellow yogi Sal Annunziato "Nunz" stated to me last week in yoga class.  An honor and privilege our paths have met. Love and Light, ~Tina xo

Fantastic! You will help many people with BritYOGA  and your Numerology Readings.  You are a force of nature. Much success in all you do and God bless you.    Ze'ev Koleman  Bio Energetic Healer, Author of The Bio Energetic Healing,  (Ze'ev is famous around the world, and is my mentor. )

Brits yoga classes are wonderful I loved the fact that I was a beginner and she encouraged me and told me I did not have to do poses that were painful for mat at the time. The chakra balancing at the end was the best, the touch and the oils were delightful. Thank you so much Brittany.   Amy Mears-Teitsch

"Very creative and very inspiring"  Ravi Singh and Ana Brett  -

****(Ravi and Ana Brett have sold more Yoga Dvd's than any yoga teacher in the world.) Ravi Singh is incredible.  Ravi is a genius and paved the path for me. 

Brit teaches you do do your own yoga.  She is unique in her approach. Way ahead of any Yoga style or curve. She lets you be you, and helps you be a better you.  I highly recommend Brit.   Brian Taylor Saratoga Springs 

Thank you to the multi talented Brit Johnson for bringing her creative talent as a steam- punk jewelry designer, Numerologist and Yoga Instructor/ Business Owner to our 2016 Elemental Mediums Psychic Fair!

BritYOGA  is as fun and creative as it sounds! Brit is a passionate and caring instructor that will help you get your body and mind in gear so you can deal with the stresses and disappointments life throws you.  Let Brit be your guide!"         Giacinta Pace Entertainment Director New York Capital District Renaissance Festival

"They do NOT have classes like this in Staten Island, or any place I have ever been.  This was utterly amazing."  Andrea R. 

"Brittany Johnson is a great yogini, a wonderful teacher, a wisewoman, and a glorious Steampunk Goddess.  Her heart is huge, generous and loving. This woman is a gift to all of us!" Victoria Williams MA, Tarot Reader at Kripalu Center 

"Amazing BritYOGAYoga class tonight. I so needed my gears unstuck!"  Yvette 

"It was great meeting you! What a walking glow Stick you are!  Everyone loved your Numerology Readings, come back next year!  Tracy Heller-Fluty Event Coordinator and founder of Elemental Messages Professional Mediums Intuitive  and Healers. 

"F********king  Brilliant"     Sal Annunziato (Nunz) CEO, Singer Songwriter, Author Yoga Teacher, founder of Love Tribe 


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