Brit's Got Your Number

Holiday gift giving guide based on a persons birthdate.  As Featured on Morning radio stations.

Add all the numbers you see in a birthday.  The day the month and the year.  Once you have the number reduce anything larger than 11.   example 23 would be a 5 because 2 plus 3 equals 5.   33 Would be a 6 because 3 plus 3 is 6. 

A path number is ultimately empowering.  Gifts that would empower the person will be long remembered and something a person would truly enjoy.

Path of 10  - Get them a gift that makes them feel like a king or a queen. Rose Petals, a crown, teeth whitener for the beautiful smile they have.    They are regal, and unique so buy a gift that keeps this in mind.  They always love to lead, and you may find them on stage. 

Path of 2 - Gift certificate for two,  so they can take their best friend out to lunch, or their partner.  Also you could get them  a  new scale, they love balance.  They are always helping everyone see the other side to a problem. 

Path of 3 - Cooking Food, crafts, gardening, new glass ware. They are so very social, any food gift is appreciated, or any cooking item.   They are super creative, and nurturing. 

Path of 4 - Buy a stable gift beautiful gloves,  a fancy scarf, or write a letter  from your heart. Touching their heart is always appreciated.  They are humble, stable, and enjoy structure. 

Path of 5 -  They love travel,  exploring and new things. Get them a gift certificate to an ethnic restaurant.  or write them a message in a bottle.  They are up for an adventure anytime, and very fun. 

Path of 6-  A picture frames is a great gift, or gifts for their family.  Also pet gifts,  or donate for them, their favorite charity.  6 is traditional and loves traditional gifts.   They are community focused, and their family means the world to them. 

Path of 7 - Buy  concert tickets,  or new music, or a day at a day spa.  They would love to go to get a massage, or facial, its a great gift for them.  They are the spiritual soloist. 

Path of 8 - Give them money or anything green.  a new wallet, or gift cards, or  aerobic  exercise gifts.  Aromatherapy would be an invigorating blend. Peppermint.  They are energetic, and entrepreneurial. 

Path of 9- They are artistic and love decorating so  throw pillows, new  sheets, nice towels, or a new throw rug. They see the texture of things with their eyes, so they appreciate nice textures and colors.  They are very artistic in nature. 

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