Your birthdate holds the vibration of your lucky numbers.  These are apart of your story.  They will raise your vibration knowing them, and working with them.  Use your lucky numbers wisely.  Make them apart of a greater good in your life.    Each number is a gift 

I will tell you what numbers are lucky for you, and which ones you might want to focus on. Serendipity and other joyful events will follow certain numbers in your chart.

This is meant to uplift you, and make you live your Soul's highest potential. You have 3 choices. 

1.  Lucky Numbers only -  $44.00 (9 numbers in a sacred Yantra shape) this is going to help you.  This is a way the numbers are arranged. A high energy way. 

2.  Lucky Number mini - a few numbers that hold information and apart of your destiny  $19.95

3.  Lucky Numbers with a reading -$144.00 (highly recommended) 

Your Lucky Numbers hold your destiny and tell a story about you.  Use them for your highest and best good.  Make them apart of you life.

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