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"Brit's got your Number " is  found on Syndicated Radio and found on the am/fm dial. 

I am apart of the BSS Internet radio group. It is the largest internet radio station in the world for unusual content, and metaphysical shows. It is based out of California.    This station does not focus on mainstream. It opens hearts and motivates people to raise there personal vibration.   

I do all sorts of Radio shows , various  Interviews from Morning Shows, talk shows, college radio stations.  Where ever people gather with an open mind. 

"This was way better than I thought i might be.  Super informative and very fun" Lee Daintry

Producer of "Tom and Dan" talk radio  Orlando Florida  

ot Your NumberNumerologist Brittany Johnson

Brits_Got_Your_Number_2018-01-18 (1).mp3


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